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Karisimbi Partners developed a restructuring plan for SOPYRWA, leading to a multi-million dollar investment that has turned the company into the third largest producer of pyrethrum in the world while benefiting over 8000 farming families.

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Tele-10 Holding Group

Eugene Nyagahene, CEO, Tele-10 Holding Group: “I remember the day Karisimbi Partners came to my office. I said these are the people we’ve been looking for.  We need to set up this partnership.”

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Growth for Local Coffee Leader

Coffee is Rwanda’s largest export – Karisimbi Partners has placed senior management and helped source acquisition targets for one of the industry’s leading companies.

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Meet Serge Ndekwe

Rwanda is on the rise because of amazing entrepreneurs like Serge. Karisimbi Partners can provide the specific expertise Serge needs to meet the challenges of his growing business.

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Connecting investors to a growing market

Rwanda ranks #1 in World Bank Doing Business in East Africa – Karisimbi Partners links investors to opportunities in this growing market.

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Giving life to agribusiness

Agri-processing affects the livelihoods of the majority of people in East Africa.  Karisimbi Partners has supported 19 industry leading companies across the sector from Dairy to Essential Oils.

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About Us

about us

Karisimbi Business Partners is a socially-motivated consultancy that builds businesses by developing the management capacity of high-impact enterprises.

Karisimbi Partners strives to alleviate poverty, improve communities, shape industries and inspire others… one business at a time.


Case Studies

Strategic Gap Assessment for Dairy, Juice, Water Processor →

Situation The largest dairy, juice and water processor in Rwanda had recently completed expansion plans resulting in a 27+ million USD processing facility targeting the local and regional market.  The company was facing strong regional competition and profitability was challenged. … Continue reading »



Karisimbi Partners re-opens Karisimbi Fellows Program for recent graduates →

Rwandan-based consulting & investment firm Karisimbi Partners is proud to announce a 2015 opening in our Karisimbi Fellows program. After experiencing great success and satisfaction with our 2014 Fellows, KBP is excited to provide yet another opportunity for professionals who … Continue reading »



We appreciated Karisimbi Partners professionalism, the pertinence of their inquiries and the quality of their deliverables.  They leave no stone unturned until they get all the information; even asking questions you did not know you should have been asking!

- Serge Muheto, Owner & Manager, BEBUPRO

Karisimbi Business Partners

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